Healthy Red Thai Curry Recipe


As far as cooking goes, I love to experiment. For this recipe, I’ve taken my Mother’s red thai curry recipe and replaced some of the ingredients to create a healthier curry. Next time, I’ll definitely have some brown rice to cut the carbs down and make it even healthier!

Thai Curry Ingredients

Ingredients list:

– 1 tablespoon coconut oil

– 2 crushed garlic cloves

– one large onion, diced

-1 tablespoon of red thai curry paste

– 250ml of chicken stock

– 100ml unsweetened almond milk

– 500-600g of chicken, diced

– As many vegetables of your choice as you’d like

– A sprinkle of chilli flakes

– 1 tablespoon of fish sauce


1. Firstly, heat the coconut oil in the pan until it’s a liquid then fry the garlic and the diced onion until the onion starts to brown, then add the red thai paste and fry for 1 minute.

2. Add the chicken stock (I used my mum’s home-made stock from a roast chicken a few days) and the almond milk. My Mum’s recipe would usually use coconut milk here, but I’ve switched it for almond milk to lower the fat content of the curry.

3. Once you’ve simmered the sauce for 5 minutes or so, add the chicken and the chilli flakes.

4. Add the veg, and once the sauce has thickened up and is the consistency you’d want, add a tablespoon of fish sauce and serve with rice or noodles! IMG_2180

I went in blind with this adaptation of my mum’s Thai curry, and didn’t expect it to taste so good. This recipe is rich in protein and green veggies, if you pair it with wholegrain rice – you’ll have a dinner you don’t need to feel guilty about!

Living with a herbal tea obssession

If you are tempted to buy from the Twinings herbal tea range but are unsure of what flavours you would like – then read the following longer-than-necessary post about my current tea selections.

I DID buy almost the entire Twinings herbal tea range and its the best thing i’ve ever done. My Twinings pyramid takes pride of place in my kitchen – meaning my flatmate probably wants to throw each and every teabag out the window, but she deals with it admirably.


I’ve tried and tested them all – not just so you can make an informed decision – but because I am obsessed (like more obsessed than I was when Candy Crush was a big deal). So here are my verdicts for you – scroll at your leisure.

Echinacea and Raspberry 

Although it sounds like a spell from Harry Potter, echinacea is an earthy root apparently. It is supposed to boost your immune system and make you feel better when you’re ill. This tea has a really fruity and sweet berry taste which I personally love. I’m not one for counting calories, but if you are, it only has 2 per cup, as does most herbal teas as they are caffeine and sugar free!

Mint Green Tea

Everyone knows green tea is meant to be amazing so there is no need for me to explain that. I don’t particularly like the taste of green tea itself, so I buy mint infused green tea. Trust me, it does not taste like you are drinking toothpaste flavoured hot water – it actually tastes really nice, and is really refreshing.

Mango and Lychee Green Tea

I bought this one because I’ve never eaten a lychee before (purely because they look weird and i’m a food snob). I like the taste of the tea if you brew it a bit longer than normal – if you don’t leave this one to brew, the taste is so subtle you’ll begin to doubt whether your taste buds are functioning. So leave it a few extra minutes and it comes out tasting pretty sweet. I usually have this one in the morning before netball training.

Pomegranate Green Tea

This tea is cute and pink and tastes unbelievable. I don’t know what else to say to you, if you’re not convinced by the word pomegranate itself, then I can’t force you to try it. It’s lovely, end of.

Camomile and Spiced Apple Tea

I drink this tea most nights before bed lately – purely because it tastes like Christmas, and reminds me that it is only 44 days until Santa makes his appearance! If you’ve ever tried the extremely sickly sweet Spiced Apple hot drink at costa – then you may be put off spiced apple. But the camomile tones down the Spiced apple in this tea, making it the perfect level of sweetness! It reminds me of Snow, mince pies and Mum’s Christmas dinner in one cup. I LOVE IT.

Peppermint and Nettle

Not going to lie, when I first saw this tea, I was like, ‘Who the hell would try nettle?’, then I remembered I was all set to try Echinachea before I even knew what it was. So I bought the herbal tea selection pack with 5 of these teabags in it – and now I wish I’d bought a 20 pack box, like the rest. I expected it to be purple (because thistles have that purple head bit on them, and in my mind, nettles and thistles are basically the same thing). Sadly it was not purple coloured, but it still tasted delicious. It was like a normal peppermint tea but it had a herby sort of tang to it that actually made it better.

Lemon and Ginger

I am not a big fan of ginger, I find the smell of it sickening and if the taste is too overpowering in food, then I’m suddenly not hungry. But this tea was actually okay. I think, because it is mixed with lemon, the taste is pretty evened out and it made it alright. If you like ginger, then you’ll probably love this tea – but I can’t get over the smell of it – so probably won’t be drinking this one as much as the rest.

Camomile and Honey

Lastly, this tea is like a soothing cup of comfort. It’s like wrapping yourself in a heated towel when you get out of the shower in the morning. Everyone knows what honey tastes like, so no need for me to describe it. This one is a safe buy and you are almost guaranteed to like it.

If my obsession with herbal tea is still not clear to you – then read this long-winded, rambling-at-times post again. I’m off to make myself another cup of Camomile and Spiced Apple because it is basically Christmas time and I need the comfort!

10 ways I cook with coconut oil

If you’re expecting to hear that coconut oil makes food taste like a creamy pina colada – you are in the wrong place. It does make food taste instantly nicer though, which is why I am writing a list on some ways I use coconut oil while i’m cooking.

You should know that coconut oil does not pour like normal cooking oil, it is a solid unless melted – but it melts really easily. You can use it on your skin, in your hair and as a lip balm – it is not just for cooking!  Coconut oil is a healthier option than olive and sunflower oil. Yeah, it’s a little pricier, but it lasts longer and is better for your body! If you’re unsure about using it, I would highly recommend it to you purely because it smells like a treat. 




So – here are my 10 ways I use coconut oil while cooking. 

1. It makes prawns taste like little drops of heaven straight from the Caribbean. Or how I imagine prawns with coconut taste out there.

2. Perfect to spread on salmon fillets before you pop them in the oven. Gives it a sweeter taste and is better than just boring old lemon squeezed over fish.

3. Tastes amazing when blended into a smoothie with fruit, or in my protein shakes with almond milk!

4. Scrambled eggs meets Hawaiian paradise. No joke, it tastes unbelievable.

5. Pancakes fried in coconut oil, and with coconut oil in the batter – makes for an amazing guilt free treat if you use the right ingredients. I tend to make protein pancakes with eggs, whey protein and banana, then add a small spoon of coconut oil to give it sweeter taste.


6. Sweet potato chips coated in coconut oil before you pop them in the oven! Sweet potato chips taste great, but if you coat them in coconut oil, you’re probably going to finish every chip on your plate, even when you are so full you could cry.

7. Coconut oil is said to be amazing in any dessert – but i’ve only used it to make banana bread twice. HEAVEN. But, banana bread is my weakness and I don’t think I could slate it at all. (Who has time to bake these days).

8. Toasting seeds and nuts in coconut oil is also a great idea, I usually spread the seeds on rice crackers with peanut butter or some jam as a snack. So much more interesting than just eating a banana or a cereal bar.

9. Stir-frying veg and chicken! Use coconut oil to coat the pan, and you won’t regret it. It makes any stir-fry or curry taste more interesting.

10. Coconut and lentil soup! I live for soup. I eat it all the time, and I don’t know what I would do without my liquidizer. Adding some coconut oil can thin your soup down a bit, and give it a sweeter taste. Like a soup dessert (I would probably eat a dessert in the form of soup). Seriously recommend this one.



That is all I am willing to write about coconut oil for now. To be honest, the word coconut is starting to sound weird in my head.

Thank you if you managed to read to the end of my coconut ramblings, I am seriously impressed.

Sarah Jaine

Protein filled Mondays.

Monday is a long day for me. I play netball for the University of Stirling  and start my week with a fitness and netball session at 7.30am. As hard as it is to unwrap myself from my little cocoon of bed sheets – I have to haul myself to the university to start my 12 hour long day of sport and classes! I love cooking and enjoy food more when I’ve made it for myself. Not bad eating for a student budget!

Most mornings I’ll eat plain porridge made with skimmed milk. I’ll chop up fruit on top with some cinnamon and a drop of honey. I usually eat about 6.30am on training days – so i’m in a zombie state trying to use a spoon to feed myself. I’ll always have either summer fruits or mint green tea (in my owl mug of course, to make me feel better about waking up at the crack of dawn). I’d rather eat scrambled egg whites or protein pancakes, but at at 6.30am, I think i’d set the house on fire using the stove. Porridge keeps me going for hours and gives me a surprising amount of energy for training!


This is everything I consumed during my day of uni – I’ve tried to fit plenty of protein in there and actually managed to eat almost everything! For my lunch I had a turkey salad with feta cheese and plenty of salad veg. As extra snacks I ate some sugar snap peas, asparagus, broccoli and veggie sticks to keep me full. One of my favourite lunches to eat at uni – and I didn’t have to spend extortionate money on heavy carb meals from the uni food places.


Turkey is really high in protein which you probably already know, i’m just rambling mindlessly. I marinaded my turkey fillets in nandos medium spice herbs with olive oil, then butterflied and grilled them in my George Foreman. I usually always grill my meat seen as a lot of the fat drips away. I mixed the turkey with feta cheese, my weakness, and some salad veg like tomatoes, peppers and so on. The spice on the turkey made it taste more interesting than just plain turkey, which is a good idea to use  for people who get bored of salads – livens it up a bit for you!



Because I train so many times a week, I take whey protein daily with low-fat  coconut milk to help me with muscle recovery. The shakes taste amazing (vanilla of course) and really help to stop my muscles struggling to train daily! Honestly in love with this stuff – don’t care  if people mock me for using protein powders, they seriously are a godsend!



I am very prone to snacking, so to stop myself buying chocolate bars or worse – I bring loads of choices with me to eat. Saves me money and stops my belly rumbling during class.



By the time I get home on Mondays, the last thing I want to do is cook. Last night, I made sweet potato mash , more turkey, a hard boiled egg and some steamed veg! I literally worship sweet potatoes – I buy them every week. Marinaded the turkey myself  again in quite a spicy mix to add some flavour  and a kick to my dinner!


Basically, I feel really good after eating clean,  there will be more posts as the days go on! Please go ahead and comment any ideas, tips, suggestions or even just moral support because I am very prone to caving and eating an entire bag of Doritos from time to time.

Much love,